4 words that will help you and your waistline survive Thanksgiving tomorrow.



  1. Don’t
  2. Talk
  3. About
  4. Politics


Seriously, don’t talk about politics. I’m literally not even saying this to have a political debate. If you know me you know I rarely speak about politics. My point is, know your triggers. Politics is of course one, they bring out the strongest of emotions in people. But its more than politics. Any topic or conversation that makes us feel uncomfortable or sparks a certain emotion can affect our eating. We often think we gain weight on holidays like Thanksgiving because of the food. When we wake up Friday morning feeling overstuffed, we think we ate too much because we have no self control. I don’t believe that’s the case.We don’t gain weight because of 1 piece of pie and a heaping scoop of mashed potatoes. We gain weight when we have triple that amount simply because we’re emotionally eating.

We emotionally eat during the holidays because every holiday and family gathering brings emotions. (unintentionally) family members and friends say things to us that triggers us emotionally. They don’t mean to, but it happens. But we can save ourselves from emotional eating by going into every situation aware of your emotional triggers. Make a mental list of certain people or conversations and  steer clear of them. An cousin starting to question your life choices, time to head to the living room to watch football with the brothers. A sibling passive aggressively commenting on your latest dieting trend. Know when to walk away, when to change the subject and when to simply consider the source before you take something very personally. Thinking about this before hand will GREATLY affect the amount you eat tomorrow. I promise.

And because I love you so much, here are 8 things you can talk about if you find yourself in the need of a conversation change.

  1. If 46 things happen, the 0-10 Cleveland Browns can make the playoffs. Talk about all 46 things.
  2. It’s called “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” BUT Alvin is also a chipmunk so what’s that deal with that?
  3. Why are the peanut butter cups shaped like Christmas trees ten times better than the actual cups? is it because of the edges? more peanut butter? not sure but fact.
  4. What was life even like before Starbucks had the mobile order option? I can’t remember.
  5. Do Toby and Kate from “This is Us” have jobs? Still unclear.
  6. Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You?” or NSYNC’S “Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays” hardest call ever on which is better.
  7. Is anything more stressful than having to describe the exact location you are at to your Uber driver? I’m between two oceans near a stoplight. Find me.
  8. Why no matter how many times I’ve filled out a W9 do I not know what number to claim? Is it O, 1? Mom answer the phone.

Feel free to text me or reach out if you need more. Happy Thanksgiving. I am personally VERY thankful to all my readers.


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