A gentle reminder to not have an “ALL” day

It’s Labor Day! And most of us are grateful to be enjoying a three day weekend. I hope you are!

Labor Day has always been a bitter sweet day for me. After 15 years of having a house on the Jersey Shore my family’s beach house has become a string of weekends with a packed house. Anyone who knows us knows it’s always an open invitation so we never know who’s going to walk up the steps and join the party. In fact, we realized this weekend that our beach house sleeps 30 which means 8 comfortably. 

It’s very tempting today to go on an all out binge since tomorrow marks a new season and a new season feels like the perfect time to start a diet. In fact, any day that’s the end often feels like the perfect time for a last hurrah. We want to get everything in before the clock strikes midnight. Labor Day is a quintessential day for this. It’s the last day of summer. (Let’s call a spade a spade, the true date of Fall is the Tuesday after Labor Day, not Sept 21.)

Many of us are already slated to eat everything in site. Have no limits to eat everything and anything. We want to “get it all in” because we think won’t be able to eat anything good for the next couple of months if our diet starts tomorrow.

Remember, we all have to work together to prevent that “all or nothing” approach to dieting. This will only cause problems for us later. We don’t need to deprive ourselves of all the foods we love starting tomorrow. We can just ease into it tomorrow. 
So here’s my gentle reminder to us all to grab one last ice cream cone to mark the end of summer but sprinkle in good choices all day long too:) 

And if you haven’t been successful this summer in losing the weight you wanted, forgive yourself. 

happy Labor Day !!


One thought on “A gentle reminder to not have an “ALL” day

  1. Wendy says:

    I was good! Not too much picnic food! The beach releases my stress and I do not feel the need to binge. When I return to work and the stress … Now that is another story!

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