Basic Girls Guide to Weight Loss. Volume 2: Eating Out

This morning spirits are high, the east coast is getting some warm weather. That means outside eating and day drinking is right around the corner. That’s why today I’m continuing “The Basic Girls Guide to Weight Loss. Volume 2: Eating Out Edition”

Because eating out is 1 of the 4 ways basic girls socialize with their other basic friends.

A Basic Girls hierarchy of socializing is as follows:

  1. Eating Out (That includes brunch)
  2. Meeting at Starbs, monopolizing the couch in the corner at Starbs and catching up over a Venti.
  3. Meeting up for a “quick” Mani/Pedi
  4. Doing anything in yoga pants, besides yoga.

When it comes to eating out  we usually make plans literally 2 months in advance because we’re all “so busy.” And by “so busy” I mean we don’t want to get out of our black leggings and messy bun most of the time so a meal with our BFFs once a month is more than convenient for us. There are usually 14-18 emails to confirm this meeting.

And when we do meet, basic girls have certain food groups we stick to.You won’t find us at Tao, too pricey, but you also won’t find us at a restaurant that’s not Zagat rated and Instagram worthy.

Since I believe we can be healthy and still be basic, let’s touch on a few of the most basic places a basic girl eats.

First, Sushi. We basic girls love sushi. And we always throw the idea out there by saying to our other basic friends, “I could totally go for sushi tonight.” Sushi to a basic babe is basically diet foods. Especially since you know you can OD on Edamame with no judgement. And it’s super Instagramable. But as the person who always orders a shrimp tempura roll, sushi can quickly become glorified General Tso’s if we don’t do it right.

Basic Girl’s Guide to Health @ Sushi.

  • Order any roll “Naruto style” which means “wrapped in cucumber.” It gets rid of the carbs in the white rice and fills you up more than the regular rolls.
  • Bulk up with the Veggie Rolls. Use the ratio 2 Veggie Rolls to 1 Specialty rolls. These rolls are usually cheaper, less calories and filling. The specialty rolls are usually the rolls that have more ingredients and are higher in calories.
  • Use chop sticks. Unless you are super skilled, which I’m not, it’s impossible to eat the rice with the chop sticks.

Next, Mexican. This is usually suggested as the meeting place any night you or one of your basic friends are on their period. Nothing masks PMS like a frozen marg and chips and guac. We’re already bloated, why not add to that with a sodium burrito bomb. And here’s the deal, no matter how many times I tell myself I’m not going to fill up on the chips and guac before my meal is served it never fails that the minute that mortar and pestle and basket of tortilla chips hits the table I literally start playing hungry hungry hippos with everyone else at the table. (If you know me, I’ve used that joke before) “Sorry friend, I missed you telling that you’re happy and/or freaking out that you missed your period because I was busy blacking out on this basket of chips”. And to top it off frozen margs are like 7000 calories times 3.

Basic Girl’s Guide to Health @ Mexican.

  • Break each chip into 4 small pieces. That way instead of 1 big dip per huge chip you are having 4 little dips per 1 chip. It slows down the process.
  • BYOSGM (Bring Your Own Skinny Girl Margarita) Many Mexican Restaurants are BYOB. So bring a bottle of Bethany Frankle’s Skinny Girl Margarita OR order 1 Frozen Margarita and 1 Tequila & Lime on the Rocks. Mix half the Frozen into the Tequila and Lime on the rocks…you’ll get the taste for half the calories.
  • Turn mexican into tapas and share the meals.Meals are so big at mexican restaurants. There are enough tortillas in that little red container to feed a third world country. Order 2 big meals for the table and share them all.

Next, Brunch. Basic girls love brunch. Why? Because if we get brunch it means we’ll be on our couches by 4 pm with an excuse to stay in. Plus the only dress code for brunch is “hungover” or “i just came from the gym” which means leggings. But the bottomless mimosas and french toast we ordered just for the Instagram #foodporn photo adds up in calories. Especially if we aren’t moving from the couch after brunch which means take out for dinner.

Basic Girl’s Guide to Health @ Brunch

  • Order a mimosa minus the orange juice. You’ll shave off about 40 calories and eight grams of sugar from the juice.
  • Order the French Toast or Pancakes as dessert. Without fail we want the sweet over the savory. We know we should order the omelette but we want the specialty french toast on the menu. Start with an omelette and then order the french toast as a dessert to share with your gals. You’ll probably be over it by then and only want a bite.

Next, The Cheesecake Factory. We love the Cheesecake Factory. Especially since it’s now in most malls.

Basic Girl’s Guide to Health @ The Cheesecake factory

  • Don’t go

A chicken Cesar salad at the cheesecake factory is 1510 calories. The Grilled Chicken Tostado Salad is 1130 calories. Grilled Chicken and Avocado Club is 1400 calories

And finally, a tip for all eating out adventures…Start talking about yourself after the meal is served. When we are out with our friends we all have a turn to talk, update our friends on what’s been going on BEFORE  the conversation turns to Farrah on Teen Mom. I know I tend to eat more when actively listening and less when talking.

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to share this guide with all your basic friends:)

Happy Monday!

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