Basic Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss Volume 3: 4th of July Edition

Summer has officially begun. When Fourth of July hits, there’e no denying that summer is here. That’s why it’s that time again… Time for, another edition of, The Basic Girls guide to Health. Let’s all take a moment to remind ourselves that we’re all little basic when it comes to summer, specifically the 4th of July. You can deny it BUT if anywhere on your Instagram feed a firework picture, quintessential flag jean shorts, a patriotic manicure or a Pinterest flag cake can be found, stay tuned.

Since I believe we can all stick to our basic roots and still be healthy this summer, let’s touch on a few of the things that will be involved in all basic girl’s 4th of July upcoming weekends.

First Jean Shorts. Jean shorts have become somewhat of a status symbol if you ask me. They fall in the same category as the thigh gap. Literally impossible and completely ridiculous to strive for. No matter how hard we try to find the perfect pair, we’re never gonna look like the girl with the long hair in the American Eagle ad frolicking in a field, holding a flag, wearing a pair of jean shorts that fits perfectly. And those unrealistic expectations can take me from a dressing room to the nearest Auntie Anne’s Pretzel stand in 4 seconds flat. No need to even go there.

Basic Girls Guide to Jean Shorts
Rule 1: Don’t buy them
Rule 2: Buy every pair of flowery, patterned comfortables shorts that Express, Forever 21 and J-Crew sells. Then have that 1 black tank top, you all know one, that works with every and any outfit. Wear that everyday with said shorts.

Next BBQ’s. It’s a given that every one of us will find ourself at a BBQ this weekend. Maybe you’re even the one hosting. This BBQ will most likely take place roughly 5 hours before fireworks. For some reason, a bowl of Cool Ranch Doritos looks gourmet at a BBQ. I see the spread at most BBQs and the pleasure centers in my brain light up and I immediately transform into Joey Chestnut. And although I planned to NOT overdo it this year, 10 minutes plus 1 Bud Light Razz-A-Rita and my plan is ancient history.

Basic Girl’s Guide @ a BBQ
Rule 1: BYOS. Bring Your Own Something. Just one item of food that will keep your grounded in the midst of caloric heaven. Maybe it’s hummus and veggies, maybe it’s a giant bag of Costco Skinny Pop. Maybe it’s a platter of Deli Turkey Roll-ups. Just bring something that you know may be able to minimize the damage if you get out of control.
Rule 2: Don’t be fooled by Red, White and Blue everything. It’s easy to walk into a BBQ and think everything is “special” because it’s red, white and blue. BUT remind yourself, those are just marshmellows, those are just Oreos, those are just Chips a Hoy with Red, White and Blue M&Ms, that’s just a bowl of Red, White and Blue Mike & Ikes. Even though the colors are different, they are foods that we can get anytime of the year, they aren’t worth the calories. Save them for something more special, more of a delicacy.
Rule 3: Break up with the bun. The good thing about BBQs is the actual meaning of the name. BBQs mean protein, lots of it. Steak, chicken, hamburgers, even a hot dog, all things that really won’t do that much damage if you leave the bun off.

Next, Alcohol. It’s a basic girl’s religion to show up to any party with a bottle of Rose. Holding an oversized wine glass with sunkissed skin, Tory Burch sunglasses and beach wavey hair is SO everything we imagine when we think of ourselves being photographed in the summer. But alcohol, wine especially really can be a diet downfall.

Basic Girl’s Guide to Alcohol
Rule 1-4: Vodka Soda, Vodka Diet Coke, Vodka Diet Sprite, Vodka Diet Coke Zero
It’s just gonna keep the carbs down. So add a lime, grab 4 mason jars for $3 Michael’s, pick up a package of red, white and blue straws in the $1 bin at target and own that low carb cocktail.

Next, Iced coffee. There is nothing as refreshing as grabbing an iced coffee on your drive to the beach. Especially since Starbucks is part of the basic girls uniform. There is no way we can not have Starbucks just because our hot drink isn’t applicable in the summer. And don’t even get my started on the perfection of “Frappy Hour.” But some iced drinks at Starbucks can really pack on the pounds.

Basic Girl’s Guide to Iced Coffee
Rule 1: Order a Cold Brew, they add about 2 tbsp of water too it so that will help keep you hydrated.
Rule 2: Order a size smaller in a bigger cup, with extra ice. That ice will melt and make the drink less calories but just as filling.
Rule 3: All frapuccinos can be made into a “light” version. Just ask!

Next, The Instagram picture of your legs that look like Hot Dogs on the beach.
Rule 1: Don’t take it.
Rule 2: Don’t post it.

Next, Fro-Yo. Every night in the summer we need fro-yo. Not only does a basic girl need fro-yo but a basic girl needs fro-yo and an instagram worthy picture of her perfectly made cup of captain crunch, gummy bears, 4 raspberries and a dusting of coconut. $13 dollar at the register, who cares, this is a work of art. But sadly we may all be fooled by the word “Yogurt.” It’s packed with sugar and carbs 🙁

Basic Girl’s Guide to Fro-Yo (stolen from Glamour! I really liked their tips)

The Do’s & Don’t of Fro Yo!

Happy 4th! Rock your basicness!!

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