I finally found the PERFECT SCALE!

As many of my loyal readers know, I like to treat myself as a human science experiment to get answers to burning questions I have. And when it comes to the scale, I will do anything  to take the emotional power away from that little square that sits on the floor.

Earlier this month, I said to my girlfriend over coffee that I want to weigh myself everyday in January. I said, I don’t know why, but I know there is something to learn and a good post within. She encouraged me to do it and said, the post will shape itself through the month. So I began weighing myself everyday for two weeks waiting to have a revelation about water or poop or food.

And I was kind of bored. But I kept doing it looking for patterns.

And then one day, on my subway ride home from work, it hit me, I need a better scale. A scale that tells the whole story. So I got out my scissors, and tape, started cutting up a journal I had just bought and I made my own PERFECT SCALE.

If I eat more fruit and veggies to nourish my body and I step on the scale… I don’t need a number…  I need to read about how my body feels on the inside and I’m sure it is “sparkling”


I recommit to the gym and start to feel strong again, I don’t need to read XXX.X, I need to be told & feel  “powerful”


When I swap a 7 million calorie dessert for something healthier, I don’t need to read XXX.X, I need to feel “proud”


If it’s mid-January and I am still going strong on my resolution…I need to be reminded that I am “Capable”


If we do something out of our comfort zone, maybe we take a new class or finally ask for that raise, we need to be reminded that we are “daring” & “bold”



And every single day…if you are up or down on the scale…you need to feel “GRATEFUL” & “BLESSED”



The bottom line is that the scale has become one of the only ways we know how to measure progress. Sure we can use clothes or pictures or energy levels but for some reason we let the scale take superiority. And at this time, especially this time when so many of us are working to make positive changes in our life…we need to have a constant reminder that you are making progress and that every little step you take to better yourself or your health should be celebrated!



I tried on 18 pairs of leggings from 11 different stores…Here’s what happened..

Let me go on record saying that one of the greatest things to happen in my adult life so far has been the resurgence of leggings. When they became on trend again, the world changed for the better. They are comfy, stretchy, not tight and everything that jeans aren’t. And us women are so talented, we can make the same pair of leggings go from frumpy to formal wear.

BUT one thing I have noticed is that it’s become hard to shop for leggings. Just like jeans, they can be uncomfortable if you don’t buy the perfect pair. And even when you have the perfect pair, if you are like me, you wear them so frequently that you still need a second great pair to wear until your first choice is washed again. And a third pair in case option 1 and 2 aren’t clean.

Although leggings don’t come in number sizes on the tag has a stigma and can do mental damage.

How many times have you been walking to the front of the store and pass a rack of leggings on sale? You, of course, grab a pair in your simple size ranging from XXS- XXL only to get home and have 4 things happen.

  1. They are way too tight, you have a muffin top which means you might as well wear jeans. Or they fit in the waist but you have too much extra material at your ankles which looks silly.
  2. The leggings are completely see through.
  3. They are itchy and downright uncomfortable.
  4. You’re embarrassed to return a pair of leggings that cost $3.90 from Forever 21 so you keep them and they go in your leggings grave yard. Once gain, wasted money and frustration.

So I set out to see, just how different are leggings. Is there a perfect pair?! Do they all fit the same? and which should I recommend you go buy?

I got to the mall and my plan was to walk both floors of the mall in their entirety. I would go into every store that I thought would sell leggings and try on any pair I saw. To stay consistent I stuck with the color black and only tried on clothing brands. I didn’t venture into the athletic brands. (yet)

NOT gonna lie, I was kind of shocked at how hard it was to find a good pair of leggings.

Here are the three pairs I bought…notice they range insanely in sizes and price and I bought them each for a different reason.

Forever 21, $3.90, I bought a size large in these. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy these were for such a cheap price. I will however have to triple check on the “see through level” of these in better light, these may be “long sweater” only leggings but worth the price. Impulse bought a beauty blender at the register too, just saying. 


H&M Basic, $9.99 pair of leggings. I bought a medium in these. You can see them ruffle a little on the bottom, a little too long. But by the time I got to H&M I had tried on so many uncomfy, tight and itchy pairs that I loved the comfort of these. I wore these for a couple hours around the house and happy to report, they do stretch! So this is the type of pair you can buy the smaller size if you’re in between sizes.


Express, $49.99, I bought a size small in these. So the material of these was very interesting. I added a Link for these since they are so specific at Express. These were a little pricey but since these are thick enough to be worn with shorter shirts and they are quality, I know I needed to scoop these up because they may be seasonal. And the material of these makes them kind of workout and work…they had a little athleisure feel to me. Im kind of excited about these…They MAY be my top pick which is hard because Express is hit or miss for me.


NOW here are a couple sleepers. Two brands I had no idea even existed and was pleasantly surprised.

A brand at JCPenny called, a.n.a.. They cost $9. Very comfy!


And a brand called, Maison Jules at Macy’s. Also surprisingly comfy, a little pricier. But your mom or aunt def has a coupon you can borrow.


A little disappointed at Kohl’s. I tried on Lauren Conrad, Candies and a brand called, Red Hot. Nope. They were either see through, fit weird or itchy and uncomfortable. 


I also went to Aeropastle, Target, Victoria Secret, Loft, NY & Co. No go for me. These were either see through, fit weird, or itchy and uncomfortable.

I didn’t see any leggings available in American Eagle or Zara.

And I also tried on other fairly common brands while in Macy’s and JCPenny…all were no good for me.


AND to add to this PSA…my best friend texted me and said she LOVES Nordstrom’s and Costco. So take her advice because I do.

BUT here’s what REALLY blew my mind..TAKE A LOOK AT THESE TWO PHOTOS

Picture 1 (Left) is a pair of Forever 21 leggings, Size Large & Pair 2 (Right) is a pair of Bar III leggings, Size Large, from Macy’s. The same size, the same color, the same style of pants and yet COMPLETELY different.


so once again we are reminded that we cannot get upset when we go in stores and are wearing such different sizes in each. Vanity Sizing exists in leggings too and this is proof. To be completely honest, I came home completely discouraged and sad because I was reminded of how emotional and triggering trying on clothes can be. I had a moment too where I had to be honest with myself and realize that one reason I was so uncomfortable in leggings was because I was lying to myself about my size and trying to be the smaller size. And as I spoke to myself I remembered why I do things like this, run around the mall trying on every pair of black leggings I could get my hands on in peak holiday shopping season. It’s because I feel so passionately about every woman ending the war they wage on their bodies in the dressing room. Remember, don’t blame yourself. As you can see from above, it’s NOT your fault that some leggings fit and some are tight and uncomfortable. It’s not your fault that some leggings feel tight like jeans on you. Its not your fault that you wash and wear the same two pairs week after week. And even though they are supposed to be stretchy and amazing, the size can effect you. You deserve more than to let a tiny word on the back of your leggings determine your true value.

I hope you think of this experiment the next time you feel frustrated with leggings, or anytime you are in a dressing room and want to break the mirror and run right to the food court.

And remember, one of my favorite pieces of advice that I have to remind myself constantly is just buy the bigger size. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to wear the smaller size. Wear the size that fits and makes your feel comfortable. If that’s a size bigger, so be it. Nothing of importance changes in your life if you have on a medium or large. You should be comfortable and confident every time you get dressed, I promise you’ll be happier.

And huge shoutout to Silky Mamas for sending me on this mission and for sharing this post. Mamas gotta support Mamas <3

Happy Monday!

Please note, this is not a scientific experiment. I have no affiliation or relationship with any brands. I am just a gal reminding any gal reading that you are more than your size and if you feel frustrated when you leave the store that’s because IT IS frustrating!

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I weighed myself every hour for 16 hours… here’s what happened.

I weighed myself at the gym the other day after my lunchtime pilates class and the number was higher than I both expected and liked. And I spiraled. Mind you, I had been up since 5:30 am, had an early day in the studio so I  was on my second large iced latte. But none of that mattered because as hard as I try, I’m still not immune to emotional relapses. I got back to my desk and immediately started googling anything and everything that would confirm that the number I just saw was wrong. And I found something so interesting…a nutritionist weighed herself  15 times in 1 day. 

So I decided to recreate that experiment myself.  I’m always looking for ways to take the power away from the scale, for myself and anyone else who feels weighed down by that number and this felt like the perfect opportunity, especially since I was off from work for the next day and rain was in the forecast.

I set up my experiment on that Friday, August 31. I was going to do exactly what I normally do, eat exactly how I’d normally eat. I put the scale in my bathroom, on a hard wood floor, didn’t move it all day. And I weighed myself every hour for 16 hours.

Here’s what happened…

7:30 AM: My first morning weigh in, naked, right when I woke up, I was overall satisfied with that number.

8:30 AM: After a little morning movement, I pooped and lost .5 pounds. I was naked again at this weigh in. This would be the lowest weight I would see all day.

9:30 AM: I got dressed for the day, I was wearing jean shorts and a loose fitting sweatshirt. I still hasn’t eaten anything. At this weight in, I was up 1.5 pounds, (1 pound from the initial morning weigh in.)

10:30 AM: I went out for coffee, finished a 16 oz latte before my next weigh in. Here, I am now up 2 pounds from my initial morning weight. That was quick gain…

11:30 AM: Since I skipped breakfast and opted for a coffee instead, I had an early lunch. A turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mayo. At this weight in, no extra weight gained, I am still up the same 2 pounds from my initial morning weigh in.

12:30 PM: In a very unusual event for me, I pooped again (TMI) so at this weigh in, I go down .5 pounds, only up 1.5 pounds from initial weight.

1:30 PM: No change from 12:30…still up the 1.5 pounds from initial morning weigh in.

2:30 PM:  Since it was raining I started snacking. I had about 1 cup of grapes, drank some water and had 3 graham crackers and 5 large chocolate covered almonds. At this weigh in I was back up .5 pounds. So 2 pounds total from initial morning weigh in.

3:30 PM: No change from 2:30…still up the 2 pounds from initial morning weigh in.

4:30 PM: The rain cleared and I got out of the house. I took a 2 mile walk. It was muggy and I sweat a lot. I weighed in… now up 3 pounds.  This to me was very interesting to me because so many of us weigh ourselves at the gym AFTER a workout. yet, I just burned calories and sweat out some water and gained a pound….hmmmm

5:30 PM:  I had showered and changed into leggings and a tank top. I lost the pound I gained after my workout. So again only 2 pounds from my initial morning weigh in. Waiting for dinner I had about an entire bag of 700 pretzels and 1/2 of a diet coke. Yet oddly enough at my next weigh in..

6:30 PM: I  lost .5 only up 1.5 from the initial morning weigh in – literally no explanation for that…because I felt bloated.

7:30 PM: At dinner I ate a hamburger, corn on the cob and avocado. Then I had 1/2 really large shortbread cookie and 1 piece of crumb cake. At this weigh in I was up 4 pounds from my initial morning weight. I felt those 4 pounds by that point.

8:30 PM: Lost .5 pounds, now only up 3.5 pounds

9:30 PM: No change from 8:30…still up the 3.5 pounds from initial morning weigh in. I snacked a little before bed. As I usually do. I had some Ritz Crackers and Penelope’s goldfish that were sitting out…

10:30 PM: My last weigh in of the day before bed…up 5 total pounds from my initial morning weigh in…  up 5 pounds in 1 day…. I mean it makes sense but it can’t all be “real” weight…can it?! The rational side of my brain said no…The irrational side panicked…and went to bed a little really nervous….

Now here’s where it gets interesting, the next morning at 7:30 am, I weighed myself.  I was still up 3.5 pounds! Had I gained 3.5 pounds in 1 day?! Was this real weight now? My rational and irrational brain start fighting. I decided to continue the experiment and keep weighing myself every hour. At 11:30 am the number finally dropped back to the same weight it was 11:30 am the previous day…

Ok so a lot was learned…but now GET THIS…take a look at the below images. One image is from me on my scale on the carpet. The other  image is from me on my scale on the hard wood floor. A 13 pound difference.. are you kidding me?!?!? Literally so unacceptable.

So now what does all this mean?! And why do I subject myself to these ridiculous experiments…because the scale sucks. It can’t be trusted. And even though we know this…we are all still always searching for the most “authoritative scale.” The scale that is “right.” The surface that is “right.” The position that is “right” The time of day that is “right” Well guess what…that doesn’t exist. And in searching for this, we are only feeding our irrational brain. The brain that tells us what we weigh defines who we are. That number will never define you! It never did and it never will.

And after these two experiments, and my scale post from prior, I’d say

Nicole: 3  Scale: 0

Happy Monday! (Well, Tuesday)

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I tried on the same size pair of jeans at every store in the mall…Here’s what happened!

If you are like me you have spent your whole life trying to find the perfect pair of jeans. Anyone who says jeans are comfortable, in my mind, can’t be trusted. I actually dread putting jeans on every morning. The first thing I do when I get home from work is walk to my room and take my jeans off. THE. FIRST. THING. Furthermore, we all say that size doesn’t matter but no one can deny that it does affect us emotionally. That’s why I did my own social experiment in vanity sizing. My friend Sarah dropped me off at the mall & I walked the entire perimeter of both floors and stopped in every store I’d typically buy jeans in. I picked up the same size pair of jeans at each store. To keep things somewhat consistent, the jeans I tried on in each store were the pair on the table in the front of the store. My rationale, those were the jeans I’d probably want since they are the most in style. I picked up the jean wash in all, no whites or blacks or colored jeans. I proceeded to the dressing room & tried each on. I took pictures & notes. Here’s what happened!

(Ranked below in order of “Fit” to “I can’t get these jeans up over my knees”)

Forever 21: Fit, would purchase.

Charlotte Russe: Fit, would purchase.

NY & Co: Fit, would purchase

Banana Republic: Fit, but snug, would purchase BUT would need to wear a flowy top to hide the slight muffin top.

J-Crew: Fit, but snug, would need bigger size if I was going to purchase & wear comfortably.

Express: Zipped, tiny muffin top, would need 1 size bigger if I was going to purchase.

American Eagle: Zipped, but major major muffin top, major wiggle dance to get in them. I would need 2 sizes bigger if I was going to purchase.

Holister: MADE IT HALFWAY UP MY BUTT. That’s it. Would have been a major rip IF I had continued. Would need at least 2 sizes up if I was going to purchase.

Aeropostale: Nope, not gonna zip. Would need at least 2 sizes bigger if I was going to purchase

Gap: DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT PAST MY HIPS. LEGIT stopped. I would need 3 sizes bigger if I was going to purchase- This was shocking to me!!!

These results aren’t shocking.  We all know that jeans fit us all so differently. And in no way is this a scientifically controlled experiment. It’s the real and raw reality of jean shopping. It’s a glimpse at just how frustrating it is to shop for jeans. How hard we work to find the perfect fit. How much money we spend on a pair of jeans that look good. And how often we DO think of that size. We often buy the smaller size as “motivation” to lose weight which is the most stressful thing we can do to ourselves. We often squeeze ourselves into the smaller size just so we know we are wearing the smaller size. And here’s what upsets me most, when you go try on jeans, if you’re like me, you always take the smaller size in hopes they fit. When they don’t, you subconsciously make a new goal to fit into those. It’s actually maddening. And we need to take back power of those tags.

I hope you think of this social experiment the next time you try on a pair of jeans and they don’t fit. There is literally only one reason I’d run around the mall trying on every pair, it’s because I feel so passionately about every woman ending the war they wage on their bodies. Remember, don’t blame yourself. As you can see from above, it’s NOT your fault that some jeans fit and some you can’t wiggle over your knees. You deserve more than to let a tiny number on the back of your pants determine your true value. And when all else fails, just f*cking wear leggings:)





I weighed myself on 10 different scales… here’s what happened

This is something I have been thinking about doing for a very long time. The scale is something I get asked about more than anything else. It’s shrouded in mystery. When it’s too high or doesn’t move we question it’s accuracy. When it’s too low or too good to be true, again, we question its accuracy. We weigh more on certain scales and less on certain scales and it drives us nuts thinking which one is right. And to make matters worse, everyone knows that every single ounce counts.

The scale is something we fear. The scale is something we hate. Yet most of us just can’t stop getting on it day after day and letting the number weigh us down.

So will we ever know which scale is the most accurate?! Will we ever REALLY know how much we weigh? I wanted to find out any information I could so I set up an experiment. First, I had to get ten scales. Since I was hosting a brunch for my sister with my aunt this past weekend, I asked everyone coming to kindly bring their scale (nothing to do with the brunch I assured them).

First: I wanted to answer the question: Why do I weigh so much more at the doctors’ office or an afternoon weigh in? So I weighed myself for one week, every morning, and was the exact same weight. When it was time for the experiment, around noon, on that same scale, I weighed 3 pounds more. I was dressed, I had coffee and cereal. I had also gone to the gym. So that just proves that you DO weigh more as the day progresses. It doesn’t mean one scale is more accurate than another.

Then, I lined up all 10 scales and stepped on them one after another. I recored each weight. I used  my bathroom scale as scale 1, the point of reference, because it’s what I weigh myself on.

Here’s what happened:


Scale 1: My scale, my weight (or so I believe)

Scale 2:  2.7 pounds less than my scale (easiest 2.7 pounds I ever lost!)

Scale 3:  The same as my scale

Scale 4: Up .3 pounds from my scale

Scale 5: Down .2 pounds from my scale

Scale 6: Back up .4 pounds from my scale

Scale 7: Up 1 pound from my scale

Scale 8: The same as my scale

Scale 9: Up 2 whole pounds from my scale!

Scale 10: The same as my scale

Right there we have enough proof that no scale is “right” or “wrong.”

Then at the suggestion of one of the scale owner’s husbands, I put a 45 pound weight on each scale. The rationale, whichever scale read 45 pounds was the most accurate scale. Well guess what…NOT A SINGLE SCALE WEIGHED 45 POUNDS. The scales  ranged from 44.5 pounds to to 45.8 pounds.

AND the scale that the 45 pound weight was heaviest on wasn’t the same scale I was the heaviest on…

I’m not a scientist but I am someone who let the number on the scale rule over them for way to long. So let’s take the power back from the scale. It currently takes up too much head space that we don’t have room for. That number doesn’t define us. It never did and it never will. Happy Monday!


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