Best cookies in New York City

What makes me an expert on this? Absolutely nothing. But I do LOVE cookies and I am always on the hunt for the best cookie. I believe the best cookies should always be eaten and enjoyed. And because I look for the best cookies, when lackluster cookies or processed cookies cross my path, I easily resist. And as I’ve addressed emotional eating over the years, I have begun to learn what foods I really do like and what foods I am just eating to numb something. And I do in fact, love cookies!

And since I work in NYC, I often go out of my way to bring home cookies so here’s my ever growing list.

Levain Bakery

Address: 167 West 74th Street

If you are a texture eater, these cookies are the best ever. The are huge and easily shared. My favorite is the chocolate chip walnut and my second favorite is the chocolate peanut butter.

2. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Located in numerous locations across Manhattan and even in the boros.

This cookies are super wide in diameter and very soft. My favorite here is there sugar cookie.

**more to come as I eat my way through manhattan**