Eat like crap this weekend?! Introducing…THE ONE DAY RESET PLAN!

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? What time it is? What day it is? Where am I? Who am I? I have to pee. I’m hungry. What do I have to do today? It may be one or all of these.

But for me I’m embarrassed to say that one of the first things I think about every morning is, How did I eat last night/yesterday?  Especially every Monday morning, If you’re a lifelong dieter like myself, you may have the same question in your mind each morning. The reason is, the answer to this question holds that blueprint for my day.  For example, it tells me what I can wear. If I ate perfectly the day before, I can probably wear jeans. If I binged, it’s a black leggings & baggy sweater day. Next, it tells me what the scale will say. If I ate perfectly, I’ll be happy with the scale and have a great day. If I binged, the number on the scale will be up and I’ll be pissed all day. It also clues me in to how I should style my hair. If my face is bloated from a binge, I need super straight hair to overcompensate. It also sets the stage for what I have to eat the rest of the day.  If I ate great yesterday I feel calm, I can maybe even give myself some freedom. But, if I ate like poorly then I must be extra restrictive, which means misery.  It’s a sad realization that in an amazing life filled with friends and family and love that that’s where many of our minds go each morning.  But it’s a very real reality and one we have to honor.

I had a weekend of celebrations. From my dad’s 60th birthday party, to a dear friends baby shower to a wedding last night, I woke up this morning feeling pretty large. Often when we wake up after a day/weekend of bad eating, we feel awful. We’re angry with ourselves, we regret our decisions, we hate the choices we made and we punish ourselves with negative self talk. That negativity flows deep through our whole day.  It affects how productive we are, it affects how we interact with people, it affects how we dress, our plans and much more. We want to erase the feelings of regret quickly and we want to erase any pounds quickly too. We want to feel better as soon as possible.

When it comes to eating, our emotions about our bodies change rapidly. That’s bad when we eat bad BUT good when we eat good! The highs are high and the lows are low. Up is up and down is down. The good news, it only takes one day to feel better. One meal actually. A lot of damage can be reversed in one day. I’m not just talking about physically, I’m talking about emotionally too. When we take one meal to reset, we reset our minds too. We regain our happiness and our confidence. We let the control of our food permeate all other areas of our lives.

Because of that Monday Dieter + The Dr. Oz Show created a One Day Reset Plan. Lean on this plan every Monday if you need to, it will set you up for a better week. I plan to give this a go today, I know it will reset my body but most importantly, my mind!

Click here for the full plan on The Dr. Oz Show!



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