Eat like crap this weekend?! Read this, you’ll feel better. I promise.

My husband and I host an event every year called “Sober Day at the Ballpark.” It’s an event at the Philadelphia Phillies stadium to honor his late brother who lost his life to addiction. And to raise money and awareness to support others in recovery, like he was for many many years. It’s one of the best days of the years for our family. We drink juice boxes, play tailgate games, win prizes and eat yummy breakfast sandwiches. We just don’t drink. We’ve been doing it for 6 years now and have raised over $20,000! I am thankful to every person and soul from near and far who support us every year in this.

This past Sunday was our event. One of my best friends flew in from her new home in South Carolina to help me and my husband prep the event. Her and I spent all day Saturday running errands. We like to play this game when we’re together that I call “impulse buy.” That’s when we just throw things in the cart that are too amazing to pass up and we call them impulse buys. I’m sure you play this too. Impulse buys on our day of errands Saturday happened to be all food related; they included a bag of animal crackers, a bag of Australian licorice, the cutest mini cake with sprinkles that you’ve ever seen in your life and a bag of organic gummy bears. Almost bought these animal heads, pictured below, BUT my husband put the kibosh on that. Anywho I ate all the food bought while playing “impulse buy.”

I was standing at the mirror in my husband’s childhood bedroom getting ready for the day and I was thinking about how I ate like crap the day before and then thinking about how I planned to eat like crap today, the day of the event. I had that brief moment of angst where I thought why did I eat like crap. Why do I always eat like crap on the weekends. I started to beat myself up. Quickly scanning my brain’s inventory of how to undo the damage. Deciding if I was going to continue to eat like crap or actually control myself today. And then I thought, SO WHAT?! So what?! Literally so what?! Like I couldn’t stress it enough, so what?! So what if I ate like crap this weekend! It changes NOTHING! My life is still the same. Everything of meaning is still absolutely the same. Why ruin an amazing day filled with so much gratitude with a meaningless worry of calories. So what if you’ve ate like crap this weekend. If you’re reading this post and you ate like crap this weekend SO WHAT?!

I’d honestly love to elaborate more on the topic but there isn’t anything else to say except SO WHAT! It’s a new day! A new week! A new beautiful day! A day that doesn’t care about what you ate this past weekend.

You ate like crap this weekend?! So what!

Happy Monday:) Enjoy the day!



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