Here what to do if you ate too much


Sometimes I have long drawn out posts written and then in my own life I’m thinking about how I feel personally and my post transitions into 2 simple words that I have to tell myself constantly… MOVE ON.

Move on from the self loathing, move on from the eating regret, move on from any and all extreme thinking of how to undo damage.

As I was driving home last night from my Superbowl party (which was highly documented on Instagram as my husband is the biggest Eagles fan ever) I was kind of beating myself up over what I had eaten that day. I had too many chips. One too many chocolate covered Oreos and then to keep myself awake on the drive home I polished off a bag of Twizzler’s Licorice Nibs that I keep in my glove compartment for “emergencies.” I feel the way we all feel after eating crap…like crap.

Physically feelings aside, the mental aspect is the hardest. That’s because in moments of eating regret we often look to a quick fix. We look to fix the damage we’ve done as soon as possible. We start thinking of fad diets and ways to starve ourselves the next day. We continue to beat ourselves up. Frankly, it’s exhausting. In those moments, I have to just say to myself, move on Nicole. You ate what you ate. Tomorrow is a new day and you will continue to do the best you can tomorrow. If you gained a pound, who cares. Literally who cares! You’re too good to be brought down by bad eating.

Move on. No need to dwell, nothing needs to be done, just enjoy this new day:)

Happy Monday!


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