Ever wonder exactly what your ideal weight is supposed to be? It might not be what you think.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve designated a goal weight in your head and it’s been set in stone for as long as you can remember. I’ve literally had the same goal weight for 20 years. I haven’t been that weight since high school, yet, it’s still my goal weight. And every time I start a diet, the finish line is that number. In the rare case that I’ve been able to hit that number in my adult life, I stay there for roughly 6 seconds.

All of these things should be indications that this actually is NOT my ideal weight. But since I’ve built an irrational case for this number and settled on it. It actually haunts me. The same way any item on my to-do list haunts me. And since there is nothing more satisfying than checking something off our to-do list, if we could just check this off we’d feel more at ease. Accomplished.

Recently I really started to think about this number and I realized it was utterly arbitrary. It’s just a number that sounded good to me at one time in my life. But is it backed by anything? Is there any science to this number? Will I be any healthier at this number? Will my cravings suddenly dissipate at this number? Will all my emotional eating end at this number? Is there any guarantees for anything in life when I hit this number? Nope, Nope & Nope. So why does it exist? And what would happen if I changed that number to something higher. What would happen if instead of me trying to reach my goal, I let my goal reach me. Instead of me dictating what I should weigh, I let my body dictate that.

When we remind ourselves that we can do anything NOW that we can do at that number it takes the power away from the number. I can eat healthier at a higher weight, I can reach career goals at a higher weight, I can dress sexy and cute at a higher weight. I can be happy at a higher weight.

Think about this, you’re not a failure if you never hit that number. You’re a success if you rise above the number. Literally rise above. Pun actually intended.

Happy Monday!

✌🏽 peace out, “ideal weight”

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