Goin’ up, On a Tuesday

There is a reason I waited until today, Tuesday, to post this post. It’s because it’s about Tuesday. And Tuesday for many of us is a happ (ier) day. It’s the day we have managed to completely de bloated from any weekend eating.

Weekends are hard! You try to be healthy but life gets in the way. The past 4 days have been a whirlwind! My weekend/ eating rally started on Thursday morning.

Thursday morning my sister went into labor. Nico Anthony couldn’t even wait to get here so he came 10 days early! A wonderful surprise! I spent the entire day Thursday at the hospital. The minute my sister felt her first contraction we had to act, Nico came fast! Little man was ready! No time to think about getting breakfast (although we may or may not have mobile ordered Starbucks on the way to the hospital) Breakfast at the hospital was a large corn muffin. Lunch was Chex mix, fruit snacks, pretzels and all the candy my brothers brought to the waiting room as we anxiously waited.  Nico came at 2:24 pm. From that moment until about 4 pm was a blur of ooooing and ahhhhing. Missing work all day unexpected I was forced to tear myself away from the hospital to head to Starbucks for a 4:30 call and a couple hours of work. Then it was a large Chipotle burrito with chips & guac on the way to buy out “Babies R Us” before heading back to the hospital for more snuggles and visitors.

Friday was a 14 hour work day to make up for my absence. Alarm went off at 4:50am the next morning. No time to even think about eating healthy. Needed to lock in and focus to catch up. After work two of my best friends had just landed for a weekend visit from California. We headed out to dinner and drank apple cider beer and ate burgers & fries.

The next day was my husbands birthday. Woke up, planned a super impromptu brunch. Ate lots of calories of amazing pizza, strawberry beer, bloody Mary’s and Nutella Dessert. Then ended the night with mango margaritas, chips and guacamole & ice cream.

By the time Sunday rolled around why even try to eat healthy. I was too tired and high off an amazing weekend to think about what healthy even was.

Now I’m sure you’ve all had weekends like this. You look back and not a single thing you put in your mouth wasn’t filled with calories, salt & sugar. I highlighted everything I ate just to reiterate I went HAM this weekend eating wise. Now I didn’t binge but I also ate all foods that were going to leave me bloated, holding onto water weight and a little puffy in the face. Life got in the way of my plans to eat healthy.

Life makes it hard to stick to our plans to lose weight.And even though we know this, on weekends like this, the food hangover doesn’t hit us usually until late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Our alarms goes off and we feel like we’ve been hit by the bloat bus. After a weekend of heavy eating and drinking, many of us probably don’t like what we see on the scale or in the mirror come Monday. Once what we ate and how we feel sets in, we usually start to put ourselves down. We become angry that once again we undid anything good we did from the week before. We feel back to square one. We feel powerless. We feel like we have no willpower. We feel like we gained 1 million pounds. We start to think about all the ways we could have had a better weekend eating wise.

And after a weekend like this, it’s easy to feel blah the next day. It’s why we throw on black leggings, an over sized Express Sweater and vow to never eat again.

But here’s a reason to stop any self loathing immediately. Tuesday is only 24 hours away. And what I have noticed is that naturally on Mondays, we get back into our routines and cut back on the eating. We are back to our schedule, in control of our meals and usually aren’t in situations where sweets are inevitable. By Tuesday morning world order has been restored. Much of the bloat is gone and it’s back to wearing jeans. We panicked over absolutely nothing!

It’s important to recognize this because it will limit the self hatred you feel on Monday mornings. It will limit the need to take extreme measures to overcompensate for weekend damage. And Tuesday morning should serve as a reminder that if healthy choices are made the majority of the time, it can counteract an indulgent meal or fun filled weekend.

Don’t let the low of bad eating over power the highs of life celebrations. After all, there is always Tuesday Morning.

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