I finally found the PERFECT SCALE!

As many of my loyal readers know, I like to treat myself as a human science experiment to get answers to burning questions I have. And when it comes to the scale, I will do anything  to take the emotional power away from that little square that sits on the floor.

Earlier this month, I said to my girlfriend over coffee that I want to weigh myself everyday in January. I said, I don’t know why, but I know there is something to learn and a good post within. She encouraged me to do it and said, the post will shape itself through the month. So I began weighing myself everyday for two weeks waiting to have a revelation about water or poop or food.

And I was kind of bored. But I kept doing it looking for patterns.

And then one day, on my subway ride home from work, it hit me, I need a better scale. A scale that tells the whole story. So I got out my scissors, and tape, started cutting up a journal I had just bought and I made my own PERFECT SCALE.

If I eat more fruit and veggies to nourish my body and I step on the scale… I don’t need a number…  I need to read about how my body feels on the inside and I’m sure it is “sparkling”


I recommit to the gym and start to feel strong again, I don’t need to read XXX.X, I need to be told & feel  “powerful”


When I swap a 7 million calorie dessert for something healthier, I don’t need to read XXX.X, I need to feel “proud”


If it’s mid-January and I am still going strong on my resolution…I need to be reminded that I am “Capable”


If we do something out of our comfort zone, maybe we take a new class or finally ask for that raise, we need to be reminded that we are “daring” & “bold”



And every single day…if you are up or down on the scale…you need to feel “GRATEFUL” & “BLESSED”



The bottom line is that the scale has become one of the only ways we know how to measure progress. Sure we can use clothes or pictures or energy levels but for some reason we let the scale take superiority. And at this time, especially this time when so many of us are working to make positive changes in our life…we need to have a constant reminder that you are making progress and that every little step you take to better yourself or your health should be celebrated!



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