I tried on 6 different pairs of jeans in the same size, here’s what happened.

We live in a small house in Jersey City. Although I love my little house, we’re busting at the seams.   Every one of my drawers is overflowing with clothes. Yet, I never have anything to wear. I have my staple articles of clothing and if they aren’t washed I feel completely lost. Right now I own about 9 pairs of jeans, I wear 3 pairs.

Yesterday happened to be a day when no laundry was done. Sean, my husband, and I usually go to 10:30 mass but we thought the 9 am would sync up better with Penelope’s nap so we were trying to get out the door to make 9 am mass. Therefore, it wasn’t ideal that I had nothing clean to wear.  After trying on 3 outfits I hated I settled on something that was “fine enough” and we made it to church by the homily. The worst part about having nothing to wear is the mess I make while finding what fits. Every article of clothing ends up flung onto the bed and floor.

Later that day, while thinking of the mess I made, I thought, why does this always happen? Why do I have so many clothes but nothing to wear?!  Why are the 6 pairs of jeans that don’t fit me even in my closet? As a life long Yo-Yo Dieter and emotional eater, some things fit, something’s don’t on any given day. But beyond that, I actually don’t even know what size I am because sizes are SO ambiguous these days.

That’s why I decided to do a little experiment. I laid out 6 pairs of jeans that I owned that were the exact same size. I tried them on, one by one. Here’s what happened.

First up, American Eagle. This pair was big. It gets a thumbs up because they are so comfy that I can wear them comfortably.img_9900

Next up: Nordstrom generic brand. I couldn’t even button..Thumbs Down.img_9905

Next: 7 For All Mankind, buttoned, but as you can see, are so tight the pockets are sticking out. Thumbs Down.img_9914

Next, Abercrombie and Fitch, they fit. BUT JUST fit so I wouldn’t exactly consider them comfortable enough to wear.


Next pair, Michael Kors, another pair that wouldn’t button.img_9911

And this pair, from Anthropologie, fit just right! Finally. img_9915

The fact that with 6 pairs, same size, one was too big, one was just right, and 4 were too tight, just proves size doesn’t matter. And this experiment is a good reminder for myself and anyone reading. But it’s more than that. It’s removing negativity from our lives. Like jeans that are too tight that haunt us daily. Any of these jeans that didn’t fit, I packed away neatly under my bed. Maybe I’ll wear them again one day or maybe I won’t. The point is; they don’t deserve my energy and I don’t need to see them everyday. I don’t need to try them on everyday.  In a perfect world, all jeans would fit exactly the same, we’d all be the size we want to be and we’d all be able to open our closets and wear any of our clothes on any given day. But that’s just not reality. When we own that reality, we remove the pressure we put on ourselves to look and be a certain size. Just like jeans come in all shapes and sizes, so do we. Own your number, own your style, live comfortably. Happy Monday!

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