I wish I was as thin as I was back when I thought I was fat

Recently I had dinner with my best friend, Kate. We had a conversation at dinner where we reminisced about how we felt about ourselves & our bodies when we were in college.  That conversation made me think of this quote…

“I wish I was as thin as I was back when I thought I was fat”

I want everyone to think back to their thinnest weight. It’s most likely the weight you would give anything to be right now. When you were at that weight, did you feel thin? Did you feel good enough? Or did you still think you had more weight to loose?   Did you still point out your flaws? The answer is probably yes, it was for me.

So why is it that we women never feel skinny enough? Why do we never feel small enough? Why do we think the number on the scale is never low enough?

If we didn’t think any of those things at the time, we wouldn’t be wishing we were as thin as we were back when we thought we were fat.

It may sound counter intuitive but never feeling good enough could actually be a key reason why we gain weight.

Today I have decided to stop and love myself at this weight. Find at least 3 positives & proud moments to celebrate with myself.

Because I wish I had done that back in college & I am sure you wish you would have done that back at the number you thought about earlier.


149658_616124090489_3356447_n189918_505678499339_779_n1910295_504357092449_7540_n (Kate & I in college)

It’s easier said than done but let’s try to celebrate each pound lost & love yourself at that weight. The scale goes down when our self confidence goes up.




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