If the jeans don’t fit, throw them away!!

So this morning I decided to try on a pair of jeans that hasn’t fit in a while to see if they fit. Well guess what, they still didn’t. And when that happened my first thought is, ugh well now I need to try harder to fit back into these. And my second thought, how in the world did I ever even fit in these? I folded them and put them back in the drawer. While I was doing my makeup deciding what to wear, feeling upset about the jeans, I went back into my room, opened the drawer, and tossed those jeans in the donation pile. And I said to myself, who the hell cares if these jeans never fit again?! No but seriously, WHO CARES! It was quite empowering. Then I slipped on my black comfy mc hammer pants, snapped this pic and headed out the door with a smile. It was that easy and it should always be that easy. Does anyone have that pair of jeans that they hold onto hoping they’ll fit again one day?! Can we just all say goodbye to those jeans already! #byeskinnyjeans but there is another big lesson in this, back when those jeans did fit, I still didn’t think they were good enough… it’s time to start thinking we are perfect

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