Look at yourself through the eyes of a child

On her first birthday I made a decision that I wasn’t going to tell her how much I loved her. Instead…I decided to thank her for loving me. Loving all my imperfections, perfectly. Now today, on her second birthday approaches I plan to do the same thing.

Before becoming a mom the thing you hear most is, there is no love like the love you have for your child. Everyone talks about how much they love their child. I am no different, I love my almost two year old daughter so so much. But I want to talk about something no one talks about. No one talks about how much our children love us.

Whether you’re a mom, or an aunt, or a sister, or a wife, or a best friend, or all of the above, when you think of yourself poorly look at yourself through someone else’s eyes. To them you’re perfect. They love you and because they love you, you should love yourself too.
One thing I made a promise to myself I would never do is never talk poorly about myself verbally in front of my daughter. We as parents are responsible for teaching our children about the world. And that means they don’t need to hear us in front of the mirror saying “mommy looks fat.” They don’t need us to verbalize our imperfections. Stop talking about wrinkles and fat and cellulite and stress in front of them. To them we’re perfect and there is no reason to teach them otherwise. And pointing out our imperfections will only teach them that method of self love. I want to raise a strong woman who loves herself. Therefore I need to be a strong woman who loves herself too.
Happy Birthday to Penelope!!!! Or as she calls herself, Peppy

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