Lose weight fast

If you’re a Monday Dieter there is no doubt you have a goal to lose weight fast. I get it. I can’t tell you how many Sunday nights, after weekends of binge eating and overindulging that I googled this phrase, desperately wanting to undo all the damage. I can’t tell you how many times I step on the scale and swear I’ll finally lose the weight. Now of course, if you googled, lose weight fast, and you clicked on my site, there are detoxes, fad diets and quick fixes you can purchase right now to lose the unwanted weight quickly. I’ve purchased them ALL. But here’s the trouble with that, you’re going to lose weight fast, but it’s going to come back just as fast.

 Lose weight fast, a new way

You don’t need another diet, you know what to eat to lose weight. You know what you need to do. Every diet works. Thats why if you choose to do another diet, you’ll have the same results. But you’ll be back here when it doesn’t work. Heres how my service is different;  we talk, and by we, I mean you. You’ll tell me everything about you and the unique history you have. I’ll ask you to share struggles and goals. We’ll then create a customized plan that includes one on one accountability coaching. In order for a diet to succeed you need to feel like you have 24 hour support. You need help in the tough times. That’s where I come in.

Lose weight fast with my “bubble wrap technique”

I discovered this concept a couple of years ago when my sister was going through a tough divorce.  I remember thinking, she is so fragile right now, I wish I could bubble wrap her before she leaves the house to protect her from peoples opinions and  judgments. The littlest action or word could break her.

Just like my sister, you need bubble wrap. Why? Because we are so darn fragile around food.

You have good intentions to lose weight, but in a nanosecond you forget that intention. That can be frustrating because you are put in situations constantly.

  • A co-worker brings in cupcakes for his/her birthday
  • You accept an invitation to a last minute happy hour
  • Your friends all want to eat Mexican and order chips and Guac to start
  • You’re too tired to cook after work so you order takeout
  • You are obligated to go to a work dinner & everyone orders pasta
  • You pass a dunkin donuts with that brownie batter donut in the window

No matter how prepared you feel or how badly you want to lose weight, when situations like the above hit you, you’re off the diet. This is the benefit of my coaching. I am here with you in every moment. I’m your bubble wrap.

I believe losing weight isn’t about blindly jumping into the next diet that sounds appealing. Losing weight is about taking time to analyze your relationship with food, taking time to reflect on your dieting history and consciously creating a plan that’s personal.

Lose weight fast packages

Dieting Diagnosis: $99

This package includes advice on how to achieve the most success dieting.  I’ll conduct a thorough interview to understand your history. Help you set a realistic goal. Give you a clear and concise plan to achieve that goal. To help you put your personal plan into action, you’ll get one week of what I call, “hand holding.” For one week you will email me your food log every night and text me a photo of every meal & snack. This is guaranteed to help you find success in the first 7 days.

Dieting Diagnosis PLUS: $199

You’ll get everything in the above package PLUS one on one coaching for an entire month. For one month I will speak at each meal to help you find success in the first 30 days. You will email me your food log every night and text me a photo of every meal & snack. This is guaranteed to help you find success in the first 30 days. This length of this package will also help you learn your biggest triggers and help you find alternative ways to cope moving forward.

Goal Weight Guarantee: $499

You’ll get everything in the above package and we will not stop working together until you reach your goal weight. This is a customized, detailed plan where together, we lay out the timeline to your goal, and together we’ll navigate your life to get you there.

For more information contact Nicole:

E: mondaydieter@gmail.com

C: 770-503-5206