Monday Dieter: Tuesday Edition 

Today a simple message of motivation after a long weekend of family, friends and FOOD. If you stopped by today it’s because you are feeling a little badly and a lot bloated. I’m there with you. It’s only natural.

Now we are back to reality. The first weekend of summer is officially in the books! Hopefully you had a blast!

Many of us started the weekend with the best intentions. We even had a conversation with ourselves prior to the weekend festivities. We set a game plan to really try not to overdo it with BBQ and Booze this Memorial Day Weekend. But, now it’s Tuesday morning and the food hangover we have is bringing us more regret than any drunk night of college. So how do we recover? We eat! Yes, sounds counterintuitive but if you’re like me your first instinct after a weekend bender is to restrict. Overcompensate for the damage you did. That only makes things worse. It fuels the hamster wheel of yo yo dieting we’ve been on for decades and we desperately want off that. We can’t undo the past, there is no delete button. But with a healthy breakfast and a good attitude there is a tiny eraser that can clear the page with just a little residue.

Be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

Happy Summer!

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