This is a section of my blog is something I call, learn with me. As I go through grad school in pursuit of my masters in nutrition, I am blogging about what I learn. And I will spare you the chemical and scientific details. Here’s why I do this…the past 3 years, as I learn more and more in each class I find myself so many times saying, WOW, that’s so interesting! And until I became a student, I forgot the amazingness of a good old fashioned textbook. Plus, as someone in the media, my mind is always thinking, the public needs to know this. Another reason I want to share this information with you and that’s because as someone who has the tendency to run to quick fixes and fads when I’m triggered, it’s important to have the facts. The facts are what you use during self talk of before you spend too much money on a quick fix or program that over promises on the package. Scroll down or click to the right to see different topics!