Nicolette’s Story

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MD: What was the moment you decided to make a change?

Nicolette: I was tired of looking like crap—not feeling comfortable in certain clothes or the way I looked in pictures – Pictures embarrassed me the most. Especially in my bathing suit when I was with others. Or even when I was wearing sleeveless shirts I hated the way my arms looked– I was always so hard on myself for that. But I just got tired of telling myself tomorrow or next week  – I was tired of telling myself I’m okay when deep down emotionally I was not at all with myself. I realized how crappy I felt, I wasn’t used to this feeling and I knew it had something to do with my diet – actually I knew it had everything to do with my diet. I grew up very athletic, I played competitive volleyball since I was 11 and all through college. My team was top in the state and we made it to the state championships every year.  Volleyball was my entire life, traveling all over the east coast every weekend and practices every night after school. Eating in high school didn’t really affect me,(my young metabolism also played a role) my diet was good and it was on track. I also didn’t have a lot of time to just go binge, I ate well with my team and with my family every day. It was in college where things fell of track—but we all also want that college experience of letting go of what was in the past or what you were. A time for change is how I looked at it. I went away to school and that was that… Weekends consisted of eating what I wanted, oh and also during the week I ate what I wanted. My “healthy choices” then are foods I wouldn’t go near now 4 years later. Freshmen year, even playing a sport for my school I gained 30 pounds. It was scary.

MD: How did you get started?

Nicolette: I started going to gym again, I started being very disciplined with myself, I started making a change in my diet. I cut out carbs and I stopped eating past 7pm every day. I started feeling better, Less bloated, full of energy. I also noticed that I lost 5 pounds too! I was so happy. But I was very hard on myself too and nothing was good enough so I kept going. I wasn’t playing volleyball anymore- I didn’t have a hobby to keep up with, and I didn’t have an “outlet” any more. That is why lifting/yoga/running has now become my new therapy. Every day I make it a goal to go to the gym and I set a goal during the day of what I am going to accomplish. Doing this for myself everyday is reflected in how I feel- in the most positive way.

MD: You made a bold decision that you wanted to be strong, not skinny….BIG DIFFERENCE! Why?

Nicolette: I think this stronger build look is just about the challenges you choose – the goals you set for yourself. I find it amazing the ability for a female to complete and lift and train as hard as men do. Its beautiful–I used to just run every day and that was that, or do the elliptical for an hour and be done with the gym… but as the days went on I was getting bored—I wanted to set the bar higher – I wanted to challenge myself in a way I never would have, even years ago.  There is always more you can do—ways you can make a difference. I found this out by lifting, and getting stronger everyday

MD: What’s the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself?

Nicolette: Be mindful in the moment, every rep, every minute- just be mindful of it and know that it is getting you closer to where you want to be. It is okay to be tired, or sore or in pain- you’re making a difference.

MD: Do you agree with this statement: “A Healthy outside starts on the inside?”

Nicolette: Yes- I agree completely— you need to make the changes mentally in order to be where you want to be physically. It is all in your head first—the results and where you want to be on the outside is all inside

MD: What’s your advice for anyone reading who wants to get healthy on the inside?

Nicolette: “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”

MD: Ok, Nicolette…from the strongest girl I know…does muscle weigh more than fat?!

Nicolette: Yes! I absolutely think muscle weighs more than fat. In choosing strong, I was scared to gain the weight back that I lost. The last month I noticed the scale was getting higher and higher but I do not look like I am gaining weight. I gain a pound or two every week. It’s definitely a mental battle. You need to remind yourself you are working hard, you are pushing yourself, you are fulfilling your goal, the scale plays a game with you.



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