One pound of Fat

Today is one summer Monday morning where I woke up feel blah. And by blah I mean bloated and fat. Why? I spent the weekend eating Sour Patch watermelons and Pull and Peel licorice and drinking Strawberitas on vacation. As a matter of fact, I feel like my insides may be red. I feel sore not from working out but from stretching my stomach with food. Know that feeling?! I know I sound dramatic but it’s mornings like this I wake up and wonder why am I so hard on myself? Why do I have to feel badly every time I indulge a little too much? Why do I act like the world is coming to and end and that in one weekend I managed to gain 100 pounds?! It’s because I have spent so much of my life trying to lose weight and everyday of indulgence is a huge setback in my eyes. It’s that extremist way of thinking that puts us on that hamster wheel. Often it’s hard to get going on mornings like this. To give me some motivation I decided to read my favorite poem that a supervisor of mine and I came across one day. It reminds me to take it down a notch… Or ten.

It’s called: One Pound of Fat 

Hello! Do you know me? If you don’t, you should.
I am ONE POUND OF FAT, and I am the happiest pound of FAT that you would ever want to meet! 

Want to know why? It’s because no one ever wants to lose me! After all, I am only ONE POUND OF FAT. Just ONE POUND. Everyone wants to lose 3 or 5 or 15 pounds, but never ONLY one. 
So, I just stick around and happily keep you. Then I am free to add to myself, ever so slyly, so that you never seem to notice… 
That is, until I have grown to 10, 20 or even 30 pounds in weight… 
YES… it is fun being ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT… left to do just as I please. 
So, when you weigh in, go ahead… just keep on saying, “Oh I only lost one pound.” (As if that is so terrible.) For you see, if you do this, you will encourage others to hang around me because they will think that I am not worth losing. 
And I LOVE being around you… your arms, your legs, your chin, your hips, and every other part of you. HAPPY DAYS! After all, I am ONLY ONE POUND OF FAT!!! 

—author unknown—

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