Pre- Holiday Prep: Question 3

8 Days until the Holiday Season. Let’s continue building our PERSONAL approach to the holidays to make them the happiest & the healthiest they can be.

First:  we asked ourselves this question: What are you favorite foods? What do you REALLY love? What food(s) can you ONLY have during the holiday season that you are REALLY looking forward to

Next: What physical activity can I commit to doing from Thanksgiving until New Years Day? It doesn’t have to be extreme or intense. Just be realistic.

Today, ask yourself: Who or What may possibly trigger me over the holidays and spark emotional eating? A family member? A friend? A certain post on social media?

Think hard about this one. Just identify the who or the what (could be 1 thing, could be 100). Nothing else needs to be done today. Remember, awareness is our number one weapon.

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