Should you continue your diet over the holidays or just wait until the new year?

If you’re like me, you woke up this morning feeling a little large and a little sluggish. I def ate too much over this past holiday weekend. Therefore, my first instinct when waking up this morning was to say, I’ll start a diet today and lose 1 million pounds before Christmas because I wont eat  a single bad thing until Christmas Eve. Or maybe you’re on a perpetual diet so you woke up this morning with intentions to hop back on that diet  with 110% perfection so you get back to losing the weight you want to lose…

That may have sounded realistic in your head but now that you’re reading this it sounds crazy . Yes, it’s crazy because we’re literally entering the season of eating. All of us are about to go from event to event until the end of the year which makes dieting near impossible.

So should you continue your diet over the holidays or just wait until the new year?

My answer, no. No, you shouldn’t be dieting right now. It’s not because I think we should all gain weight, it’s because dieting means we’re either dieting or we’re not dieting. That means we swing from one extreme to another. Kind of like what we all did this weekend. Maybe you were eating healthy going into this weekend but when thanksgiving hit you went completely off the rails. So you went into today with a complete restriction mentality.

This all or nothing mentality never ever leads to success. In actually it leads to misery and weight gain.

My advice from now until the end of the year is to NOT diet, but not binge eat either. Every single day, aim to lay your head on your pillow with ease. You weren’t perfect but you weren’t off the rails either. There is so much success in maintenance. If you make it through the holidays the same weight you are today, that’s a huge success! Don’t aim to lose weight right now, aim to not gain weight.

This mentality has been a game changer for me and I promise its going to make the holidays happy for you too.

You have to also remember how much stress you put on yourself when you try to restrict. That stress is also causing you to eat more. So I really encourage you to try to take dieting off your plate right now (pun intended). Remove it from your to-do list and remove it from your mind.

Seasons Eating!

i already ruined the diet i started next week

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