Step by step guide to surviving your Superbowl party

Life is filled with so many fun events, like the Superbowl. And regardless if you love the game (or hate the teams playing!) these events, parties, are what make life worth living. We look forward to parties like these all week. We get excited about the plans we have. We perfect that parties we are going to host. We look forward to the friends, the conversations, the commercials and of course the food.

Food is the joy of the event. Food elevates the excitement of every event. And although I wish every party was a simple as showing up and enjoying the pure joy of food, its not. Our anticipation is quickly squandered by fear. Fear of food. Fear of overeating. Fear of regret. That’s why I have created a step by step guide to surviving your Superbowl Sunday! So you can enjoy your day and wake up regret free Monday morning!


Choose just 2 special snacks that you are going to eat the whole party. Scan the options upon arrival. If you like the looks of the buffalo chicken dip and the Scoops Tortillas, that’s 1. You are enticed by the football shaped brownies, that’s 2. Pick your two favorite things and eat those all party without serving sizes. Snack on them through the whole party. When we start eating everything at the party we lose control. That’s when we feel sick. That’s when regret sets in. Plus, we don’t even like everything, we just eat it because it’s there. You can stay in control without serving sizes by sticking to two (or three) of your favorite items.


I have learned that “grazing” is a form of binge eating. Often I forgo the “meal” because I don’t feel I deserve those calories because I have snacked so much. In the end, I only eat more and I feel completely out of control. Instead of standing at the table grazing all party, commit to sitting down for a meal before you snack on your 2 favorite items. Even if there is only pizza being served at the party, sit down and have a slice and count that as your meal. You can still be in control, even with high calorie options.


I know for me, alcohol doesn’t do much for me. I’d way rather have a giant brownie, over a beer. Everyone is different, but that’s me. Often we think we have to drink, because everyone else is. Drinking is the nature of the event. But remember, it’s Sunday, we have work the next day so alcohol may not be the best place to spend your calories if it’s not worth it. A little nutrition school for you:

  • Protein is 4 calories per gram.
  • Carbs are 4 calories per gram.
  • Fat is 9 calories per gram.
  • Alcohol is 7 calories per gram.

Liquid calories are still calories:) Choose wisely.


Nothing can help you combat carbohydrate calories like water. Carbs hold water, water flushes water. Drink a bottle on the way to your party. Drink a bottle on your way home. Any other water is a bonus.

You deserve to live life to the fullest, at every party, with every bite of food. We don’t have time for regret.

Here are a couple recipes I have created that make me happy.

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