I wore a fitness tracker for 1 week… Here’s what happened.

I’m the type of person who often says, “I literally ate nothing today.”  So I get home from work and eat half the refrigerator because after all I deserve it, I barely ate. Then after a few days  of “eating nothing” my jeans start feeling tighter and the scale starts creeping up. That forces me to rethink my days of “eating nothing.”  A couple food journals later I learn that I actually grazed all day and even though it felt like I ate nothing since I ate nothing of substance, I ate far from nothing. This is me being blissfully ignorance.

That’s how I felt upon receiving a fitness tracker for Christmas. I always wanted one. But every time I went to spend the money, I thought, just walk more Nicole. No need to pay money for something that you should be able to accomplish on your own. Plus, blissfully ignorant again, I always assumed I walked plenty. I assumed I easily got close to 10,000 steps a day. I assume I was active.

I set it up my new tracker and wore it for a whole week. And guess what? I take NO WHERE NEAR 10,000 steps a day.

Here are my step stats:

  • Monday: 5,879
  • Tuesday: 2,776
  • Wednesday: 2,654
  • Thursday, 4,456
  • Friday, 2,789
  • Saturday: 3,165
  • Sunday: 998

The one day I did make it halfway there was a day I had a show and was on my feet in the studio for 4 hours. But still, I wasn’t even half way there. I was actually appalled on Sunday when I took less than 1,000 steps.

During my experiment I even thought a couple times, well let me see if I can try harder to get close to 10,000. I can bundle up and walk around the block a couple times. Or I can simply walk back and forth in my kitchen while watching TV. I didn’t do any of these things on any days, as you can see. I am going to continue to wear my fitness tracker watch. But this experiment taught me, and reminded me or 3 important things.

  1. Like the scale, a fitness tracker isn’t there to judge you, it’s a tool that can simply give you information. Information that can motivate you to alter your actions to do better.  We shouldn’t fear health truths, we should embrace them.
  2. Often times we feel frustrated, stuck, like nothing we do is working, we’ll never lose weight. But in reality, we just need to make a couple alterations because we’re blissful ignorant about what we are actually doing.
  3. Small changes can make a big difference. I bet if all I do for the next couple weeks is work to get this number closer to 10,000 a day, I will see results. We don’t have to make every change and be perfect at everything when it comes to our health. Just make one change, focus on one goal, and the results will come. Be great at one thing, not mediocre at a lot of things.

Let’s all step into extra happiness and success this week.

Happy Monday!


Also…I was privileged to be a guest on my good friend’s podcast this week! He’s inspiring and passionate about health. Feel free to listen into our conversation! Click the link below

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