The 10 Day Cleanse Diary

Day 1

Bottom line: I felt like shit. All day.

The morning started off BRUTAL. It took all my willpower to resist getting a vanilla cappuccino at Starbucks. I had a smoothie instead. I was full afterwards but had a massive headache and zero energy. Around Noon I snacked on some carrots before my 2 o clock meeting. Had another snack of dried mangos at 2:40 pm and made lunch at 3:30. A big bowl of steamed veggies with salt & pepper and 1/4 cup of mixed nuts. My headache started to creep back. I took a couple handfuls of skinny pop (no artificial anything) and then had a Green Drink for dinner at 7:30. I had a pounding headache from 8 pm till 10 pm. It was horrible.

My husband and I discussed why I should put myself through this? Well, it’s the same reason we run 5K’s and Half Marathons, to prove to ourselves that we are mentally and physically strong. But this headache has been a complete wake up call to me about how much my body is in withdrawal from caffeine and sugar. It’s also reminding me how much I don’t plan and am constantly sacrificing my health for on the go snacks/meals.

To end the day, I had about 10 cherries and went to bed.

The good news…I pooped twice! (TMI by LBS everyone wants to be regular)

Day 1…..COMPLETE!! Feeling VERY proud.

Day 2: I woke up starving. I already ate my morning smoothie but I still have a little headache. However, I have to be honest, I haven’t really thought of Starbucks this am. The craving has subsided for the moment.

I was pretty hungry by 12:30 so I grabbed a salad with a side of brocolli. I’m usually in large need of sweets after lunch so I had some of my dried mango as a snack.

I was absolutely starving around 4. I had some cherries and nuts as a snack and then ate dinner around 7 pm.

I had all vegetable sushi with seaweed and brown rice. And since I was so starving I had a couple bites of my husbands chicken lettuce wraps. I really don’t like to eat meat when I’m cleansing but in the moment that I reached for the first bite I had an epiphany…… What if a cleanse was simply a time to mindful eat? Take time to think out and plan meals and not just grab food the minute we feel hunger pangs. 

The hunger I felt today was a real wake up call that it takes time and energy to get yourself a wholesome meal. 

Day 2 complete…. Feeling proud but losing steam…..

Day 3: Woke up and immediately wanted Starbucks. I feel kind of bloated and blah. Really wanted to get a coffee and muffin and end this whole thing.

One hour later:

  • Resisted Starbucks 
  • Pooped (silly money emoji)
  • And made and drank a smoothie 

I now feel 1000 times better and more motivated. I’m so happy I held out! Crazy how quickly things turn around.

Didn’t really need lunch until 1:40 my smoothie kept me so full. Grabbed some steamed veggies for a local Chinese restaurant. 

I didn’t have dinner plans until 7 pm and around 5 even though I wasn’t hungry I was bored. That made me want to eat. I resisted. Day 3 for me has really been about how we use food as plans. It’s something to do, somewhere to go. 

After dinner I let myself have two pieces of dark chocolate with sea salt. It took the edge off and helped settle my need to want to throw in the towel!

Day 3 is complete and I’m feeling pretty shocked I made it this long! 7 more days feels like an eternity though……

Day 4 has begun…..

This is my motivation for today


Day 5: Was feeling far from my goal but quickly had a moment of reconnection..

Today is where I learned about mindfulness. My husband ordered fish and chips and me salad with shrimp, I had a couple of his fries and a piece of his fries fish…. The cleanse made me aware… It slowed me down, it cleansed my fear of food.

Day 6: Today was by far the easiest day. That was interesting to me as the weekends are usually when shit hits the fan eating wise. I think the fact that I was over the halfway mark and I could see the finish line made me more motivated. It was a relief that my body was craving healthy foods naturally. 

Day 7: Today I thought I’d give in an have a coffee. I planned to ease it back in before Day 10 in an attempt to made some of my changes long lasting… But when the time came to order my drink… I didn’t want it. It didn’t feel worth it. After all, if I made it through today, I would have a whole week under my belt and that felt like a true accomplishment.

Day 8: The hardest day by far. Why? Life got in the way. It was a trifecta of life obstacles. First, it started physically… It got my period. Enough said. Second, it was emotional as I was anticipating an important doctors appointment. Thirdly, circumstances became out of my control. I had to get so much blood drawn that I was forced to drink 3 cups of orange juice and eat 4 cookies before I could leave. Luckily, I didn’t throw in the towel which was my first instinct. I had a healthy and cleansing late lunch, took a four hour nap and then only needed a couple cashews before bed.

Day 9 has officially commenced. It’s crazy but I’m not ready for it to be over. My biggest fear is that I’ll finish and then just binge on everything I deprived myself of the past 10 days. That my friends, would be completely counter-intuitive. I’m traveling all morning and I have so time to set a new intention. ( For an all or nothing perfectionist it’s very uncomfortable to change gears) 

I will be completing 14 days of this cleanse. I’m extending it in the hopes of having more success. I will use the next 5 days as “transition days.” A time to add in a little of what I have removed but stick to majority of what I am doing.

Every meal and snack will be the same as I’ve been doing, cleansing, but I will add back ONE of my very favorite pleasures… Starbucks. Just 1 a day:) 

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