The connection between food and our to-do lists

We all have a meal, a day, a string of days or even weeks where we just seem to perpetually eat like crap. Sometimes it happens during a holiday season or anytime throughout the year when back to back events are happening in our lives. Other times, we simply just can’t get out acts together and crappy eating is inevitable. One observation I’ve noticed is that when we eat like crap often many other things fall by the wayside as well. And by other things, I mean, every other responsibility in our lives.

For me, checking things off my to-do list tends to happen in tandem with eating well. I’ve noticed that the days I eat like crap I’m more inclined to lay around and skip the chores. And the days I’m eating well I’m more inclined to check one more thing off that to-do list of mine.

This weekend, my husband and I had a jam packed social weekend. And we all know, social gatherings usually means food frenzy. On Friday, we had dinner with friends Friday. On Saturday we had my nephews first birthday party. On Sunday, a grandma to be brunch for my mother in law. Plus a cake for my husbands birthday, which is today. One things I noticed was what was happening during the down time between events….nothing. When I was in between events, I was on the couch, doing nothing. No laundry, no organizing, no grocery shopping, no work. Now as I wake up Monday I’m seeing that not only do I need to get a fruit or veggie in me but I have a longer to-do list because my food comas prohibited me from getting anything done this weekend.

We are so used to only thinking about what food does to our waistline and how food sabotages our weight loss efforts, but we often fail to recognize how food makes us feel and how to systemically affects the other areas of our lives. When we throw one thing out the window, other things often go too. And the emotions and regret of eating bad often warrant us laying on the couch and feeling sorry for ourselves.

It’s hard to remember in the moment but the effects of bad eating are trickle far beyond the scale. It’s an interesting way to think to build a case for why we don’t need the junk. Or in my way, the bucket of “shark bate” aka Pepperidge farm goldfish that I exclusively tackled at my nephews pirate birthday party Saturday.

So today, if you’re wondering if you should clean up your act or give yourself one more day since many people are celebrating a 3 day weekend, think of the other effects of food. Beyond the calories. That’s my plan!


Scenes from my nephew’s birthday party! Here’s some of the cute pirates calories that ship wrecked me this weekend <3

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