The Cookie Project

I was in the drug store the other day and saw one of those protein cookies. You know, one of those cookies that looks healthy. I picked it up, thinking I wanted a cookie and this was  a healthy choice. I turned over the packaging and was baffled when I discovered that this was 400 calories! So I began looking into others and decided to do a comparison. Here are the results…


cookies without logos

  • Insomnia: 570 calories, 26 points
  • Starbucks: 480 calories, 18 points
  • The complete cookie: 400, 14 points
  • Kashi Cookie: 170 calories, 5 points
  • Tate’s: 70 calories 4 points
  • Pepperidge Farm: 70 calories, 3 points
  • Chips Ahoy: 53 calories 2 points
  • Entenmanns : 47 calories, 2 points

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