Pre-Holiday Prep: Question 2

Monday Dieter is in the process of helping everyone establish a game plan for the Holidays. Literally a PERSONAL approach to the holidays to make them the happiest & the healthiest they can be.

Yesterday to begin preparing for the Holidays we asked ourselves this question: What are you favorite foods? What do you REALLY love? What food(s) can you ONLY have during the holiday season that you are REALLY looking forward to?

I asked us all to write them day on our list & make a note that THOSE were the foods we’d be enjoying not the meaningless foods we can get all year round.

TODAY….Ask yourself this: What physical activity can I commit to doing from Thanksgiving until New Years Day? It doesn’t have to be extreme or intense. Just be realistic. Yours can be as simple as taking a 30 minute walk 1 Day a week. Just commit to yourself. You’d be surprised at how much more you may do after you reach your goal. Many of us forgo exercise all together during the holidays because we are too busy and too blah from all the eating. But set your plan in place NOW before the chaos starts.

For me, I can commit to taking my barre class 3 times a week & taking a run 1 Day a week.

And write it down:) It helps.


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