The Holiday Hangover

it’s here today and it’s real. You probably feel sluggish at your desk right now reading this. You may feel sluggish as you go about your daily routine. I know I do.

And if you’re like me, you wish you stopped the holiday eating on Thursday night instead of continuing with leftovers through Sunday.

And frankly, that’s the problem with the holidays, they feel longer than they are. Thanksgiving felt like 4 days instead of 1. But remember, the worst thing you can do today is start a crash diet. It’s only going to lead to binging at your next holiday party or event. It’s going to make the holiday season feel like a rollercoaster of perfect days and cheat days. That will only add to the chaos of the holiday season. It will add to the stress and mood swings that often accompany this time.

You can cut back today, say goodbye to the leftovers, but ease into healthier eating. Think today I am going to be healthIER. Then think, this year I am going to be healthy-ISH.

Remove the pressure to be super strict to undo the holiday eating and and you already feel lighter.

Tis the season, for a happy, healthy-ish, holiday!

Happy Monday!

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