I tried on 18 pairs of leggings from 11 different stores…Here’s what happened..

Let me go on record saying that one of the greatest things to happen in my adult life so far has been the resurgence of leggings. When they became on trend again, the world changed for the better. They are comfy, stretchy, not tight and everything that jeans aren’t. And us women are so talented, we can make the same pair of leggings go from frumpy to formal wear.

BUT one thing I have noticed is that it’s become hard to shop for leggings. Just like jeans, they can be uncomfortable if you don’t buy the perfect pair. And even when you have the perfect pair, if you are like me, you wear them so frequently that you still need a second great pair to wear until your first choice is washed again. And a third pair in case option 1 and 2 aren’t clean.

Although leggings don’t come in number sizes on the tag has a stigma and can do mental damage.

How many times have you been walking to the front of the store and pass a rack of leggings on sale? You, of course, grab a pair in your simple size ranging from XXS- XXL only to get home and have 4 things happen.

  1. They are way too tight, you have a muffin top which means you might as well wear jeans. Or they fit in the waist but you have too much extra material at your ankles which looks silly.
  2. The leggings are completely see through.
  3. They are itchy and downright uncomfortable.
  4. You’re embarrassed to return a pair of leggings that cost $3.90 from Forever 21 so you keep them and they go in your leggings grave yard. Once gain, wasted money and frustration.

So I set out to see, just how different are leggings. Is there a perfect pair?! Do they all fit the same? and which should I recommend you go buy?

I got to the mall and my plan was to walk both floors of the mall in their entirety. I would go into every store that I thought would sell leggings and try on any pair I saw. To stay consistent I stuck with the color black and only tried on clothing brands. I didn’t venture into the athletic brands. (yet)

NOT gonna lie, I was kind of shocked at how hard it was to find a good pair of leggings.

Here are the three pairs I bought…notice they range insanely in sizes and price and I bought them each for a different reason.

Forever 21, $3.90, I bought a size large in these. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy these were for such a cheap price. I will however have to triple check on the “see through level” of these in better light, these may be “long sweater” only leggings but worth the price. Impulse bought a beauty blender at the register too, just saying. 


H&M Basic, $9.99 pair of leggings. I bought a medium in these. You can see them ruffle a little on the bottom, a little too long. But by the time I got to H&M I had tried on so many uncomfy, tight and itchy pairs that I loved the comfort of these. I wore these for a couple hours around the house and happy to report, they do stretch! So this is the type of pair you can buy the smaller size if you’re in between sizes.


Express, $49.99, I bought a size small in these. So the material of these was very interesting. I added a Link for these since they are so specific at Express. These were a little pricey but since these are thick enough to be worn with shorter shirts and they are quality, I know I needed to scoop these up because they may be seasonal. And the material of these makes them kind of workout and work…they had a little athleisure feel to me. Im kind of excited about these…They MAY be my top pick which is hard because Express is hit or miss for me.


NOW here are a couple sleepers. Two brands I had no idea even existed and was pleasantly surprised.

A brand at JCPenny called, a.n.a.. They cost $9. Very comfy!


And a brand called, Maison Jules at Macy’s. Also surprisingly comfy, a little pricier. But your mom or aunt def has a coupon you can borrow.


A little disappointed at Kohl’s. I tried on Lauren Conrad, Candies and a brand called, Red Hot. Nope. They were either see through, fit weird or itchy and uncomfortable. 


I also went to Aeropastle, Target, Victoria Secret, Loft, NY & Co. No go for me. These were either see through, fit weird, or itchy and uncomfortable.

I didn’t see any leggings available in American Eagle or Zara.

And I also tried on other fairly common brands while in Macy’s and JCPenny…all were no good for me.


AND to add to this PSA…my best friend texted me and said she LOVES Nordstrom’s and Costco. So take her advice because I do.

BUT here’s what REALLY blew my mind..TAKE A LOOK AT THESE TWO PHOTOS

Picture 1 (Left) is a pair of Forever 21 leggings, Size Large & Pair 2 (Right) is a pair of Bar III leggings, Size Large, from Macy’s. The same size, the same color, the same style of pants and yet COMPLETELY different.


so once again we are reminded that we cannot get upset when we go in stores and are wearing such different sizes in each. Vanity Sizing exists in leggings too and this is proof. To be completely honest, I came home completely discouraged and sad because I was reminded of how emotional and triggering trying on clothes can be. I had a moment too where I had to be honest with myself and realize that one reason I was so uncomfortable in leggings was because I was lying to myself about my size and trying to be the smaller size. And as I spoke to myself I remembered why I do things like this, run around the mall trying on every pair of black leggings I could get my hands on in peak holiday shopping season. It’s because I feel so passionately about every woman ending the war they wage on their bodies in the dressing room. Remember, don’t blame yourself. As you can see from above, it’s NOT your fault that some leggings fit and some are tight and uncomfortable. It’s not your fault that some leggings feel tight like jeans on you. Its not your fault that you wash and wear the same two pairs week after week. And even though they are supposed to be stretchy and amazing, the size can effect you. You deserve more than to let a tiny word on the back of your leggings determine your true value.

I hope you think of this experiment the next time you feel frustrated with leggings, or anytime you are in a dressing room and want to break the mirror and run right to the food court.

And remember, one of my favorite pieces of advice that I have to remind myself constantly is just buy the bigger size. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to wear the smaller size. Wear the size that fits and makes your feel comfortable. If that’s a size bigger, so be it. Nothing of importance changes in your life if you have on a medium or large. You should be comfortable and confident every time you get dressed, I promise you’ll be happier.

And huge shoutout to Silky Mamas for sending me on this mission and for sharing this post. Mamas gotta support Mamas <3

Happy Monday!

Please note, this is not a scientific experiment. I have no affiliation or relationship with any brands. I am just a gal reminding any gal reading that you are more than your size and if you feel frustrated when you leave the store that’s because IT IS frustrating!

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