Travel pounds: how to stop deadline dieting! 

This week I am traveling. Upon departure from Newark Airport, despite a very long security line and the fact that my flight had already begun bording, I decided to wait in line for Starbucks. After all, the plane had JUST started boarding and I had a 5 hour flight to LA. That iced coffee would last me the whole flight. The line was about 10 deep but I took the risk of getting in it knowing this could result in a “Home Alone” style run through the airport to my gate. I placed my order and took my spot in the waiting circle. The place where everyone literally peers over the counter to make sure the barista is making their drink correctly. As I was doing just that I noticed that literally every person was getting a frappichino… extra Carmel, extra whip. I found myself being a little judgemental of these fellow travelers drink orders. Real Starbucks drinkers don’t get a frappichino as their everyday drink. These people were all holding up the line for a treat drink! 
But then it hit me, we’re at the airport. The home of Cinnabon. The place where it’s almost sacrreligious to eat healthy. Literally the last 2 times I ate McDonalds was at an airport. The last time I craved TCBY was at an airport. And the only place I ever buy neon gummy worms is in an airport. Why is an airport the binge capital of the world?
For me, the minute I walk into an airport or train station I immediately want/need a snack. It’s a Pavlovian response. And no matter how many times I go into Hudson News looking for something healthy, it’s never satisfying, the way junk food is when traveling. 
So why is it so hard to eat well while traveling? Is it really because their aren’t healthy options? Or is it because we don’t want them? 
This mentality of wanting to eat everything in sight while traveling is a tough habit to break. But I’ve been trying to. And interesting enough, the last couple trips I’ve taken I have noted that I haven’t eaten as much at the airport or on the flight as I have in the past. When traveling I’d pack a snack or two, maybe grab something light at Hudson news and possibly be tempted by the 6 pretzels or 11 peanuts in the small shiney red bag dropped off by the flight attendant on a napkin I really don’t need for this snack.
So what changed? 
Back in the day, everyday since I was 9 and started my first diet, I would starve myself or go on a crash diet before a big trip or vacation. I have always been a deadline person. Losing weight for an event or trip was always my main motivation. I wanted to look good in the clothes I planned to wear, the swimsuit I was wearing for the first time in months, the pictures I knew I’d be posting and/or impress the people I was seeing. Maybe you did that or still do as well. I think that’s why I want food the minute I get to the airport… I’m used to showing up starving from being on this diet! But what always happens is, the minute the trip starts, is the minute the crash diet ends.
In a way I think airports know this crash diet mentality so they use it to their advantage. Not for nothing, it is unacceptable that a small fruit cup containing mostly melon and canteloupe with two grapes and 1 smooshed strawberry is $6.99.
The truth is…We all carry the baggage of deadline dieting. And why do we even put these deadlines on ourselves. We end up coming home feeling worse! You may even be working towards a deadline right now. But instead of thinking about how you want to feel when you’re on vacation… Start thinking about how you want to feel when you come home. Do you want to feel like you need a vacation from your vacation?! 
If every time I come home from a vacation I feel ten pounds heavier because of how much I ate then the “before trip starvation mentality” isn’t really working for me. I think that mentality is the baggage we all need to lose. 

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