Marla Chicky, Wellness Coach + Body “Cheerleader”

0216432c-118f-4e5b-9411-95fc3c70aed6So is your “Food Hangover” feeling extra guilt ridden this Monday morning?

Take a deep breath, gorgeous, Thanksgiving dinner is over.  Even though fitting into your Little Black Dress, or prized skinny jeans, now seems like an impossible feat without the presence of bulging love handles.  (‘Ugh, I so didn’t need that slice of apple pie + whip’)

I recently read a statistic that sited two-thirds of women struggle with disordered eating.  Sounds like a resounding majority.  To me, this was deeply saddening to read, but oddly, equally comforting.

As a wellness coach for a nutritional cleansing company, I have the utmost pleasure of coaching women on the road to their most gorgeous selves.  Yet, so much of the journey does not necessarily seem to be around the food itself.

Dropping 10 pounds does not seem to equal Victoria’s Secret Angel body confidence.  Or Jake Gyllenhaal look-a-like’s lining up outside your apartment door with roses.

Yes, the holidays seem to be coupled with the notion that you are inevitably going to pack them on,  no shot in avoiding it.  Seriously babe, you’re doomed to go up a dress size.

So body hang-ups kick into high gear with dropping temperatures—and baggy sweaters get pulled out of our closets along with renaming winter ‘sweat pants season’.  Clearly there’s no longer summer time pressure to rock a crop-top and Abercrombie jean shorts.

Still, there has to be a better way to combat the seasonal binging/restricting cycle.

As the self-proclaimed “Body Cheerleader”, and someone who has lost over 20 pounds in the last year—going from zero physical activity, to running 2-3 miles a day, I’m right there with you beauties!  The struggle remains real as stretch marks, for me included, even post weight-loss.

What I have come to realize is the element of self-love is paramount, and the road for perfection is one we need to take an alternate route from.

I use to print out pictures of girls with the “perfect” bodies (Petite, hour glass waist, thin legs, and big you know what’s J) and hang them all over my fridge if I was tempted to snack.  They’ve since been ripped down and replaced with hot pink affirmation Post-Its.

So let’s make a pact to end the guilt surrounding indulgences this holiday season.  If you drank the real eggnog instead of my signature ‘Skinny’ recipe, FORGIVE yourself.  It happens!

The pressure we place on ourselves to look a certain way is a useless self-inflicted heavy burden to carry, and an unnecessary one at best.

Just know that if you find yourself eating all of Santa’s cookies (and milk), or depriving yourself completely … you’re not alone, and never will be.

Dig deep and find what your triggers are, accept yourself for where you are right now, and realize tomorrow is always a new day.

Happy Holidays, gorgeous!

Big hugs from your cheerleader,

Marla Chicky

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