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Upfront, let me just say I have no scientific evidence about any of this. This quiz is completely anecdotal. I wrote the quiz.  And “eating intelligence” is a term I completely created because deep down I think we all have an eating intelligence. I think awareness of our eating intelligence will help us harness it to work in our advantage.

I thought of mine and made up this term at a recent all staff lunch that was served. As everyone waited in line to get lunch, I went to the kitchen to heat up my cauliflower rice and chicken that I packed for the day. I felt kind of silly wondering if the only reason I wasn’t eating the all staff lunch was because it was filled with calories. But then I realized that I actually didn’t want it. I was actually craving the healthier lunch I packed. Knowing this reminded me of my eating intelligence and was proud of it in that moment. The more we can all really know who we are when it comes to food the more successful we will be and the easier life with food will become. So what’s your “eating intelligence”?

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Question 1: Cupcakes are brought into the office for a co-workers birthday, I want to eat them…

A. All the time, it’s rare I can pass up treats like this.

B: Even though I always have the craving, only some times I indulge.

C. I have an easy time passing up treats when I do not want them.

Question 2: By Early September you start to pass the Halloween candy section in Target, when shopping you..

A. need to buy a bag always. You see it and you want to eat it well before the holiday.

B. Sometimes you want to buy a bag and sometimes you can pass it up.

C. You will only buy the candy when necessary on the actual holiday.

Question 3: Choose which statement best describes you

A. I have only two settings: I am either eating a grilled chicken salad with kale for dinner or 7 slices of pizza, a pint of ice cream and a small child.

B.  When I begin to eat poorly and fall off my diet its a struggle for me to get back on track right away. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t.

C. I rarely have “all or nothing days” when it comes to eating.

Question 4: When a new bag of chip is opened and sitting on the counter…

A. I can’t help but eat the entire bag.

B. I usually eat more than I should but can stop before I hate myself.

C. I can have one or two chips and call it a day.

Question 5: When I overeat I blame

A. Willpower

B. Emotions

C. Hunger

If you answered mostly A’S: You have a ” A Work In Progress Eating Intelligence“. You still haven’t been able to recognize emotional eating in your life. You still blame willpower and cravings. You still struggle to recognize that eating isn’t the problem in your life its a symptom. It’s most likely been very difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off. The best advice for you is to keep a journal of WHY you eat and not WHAT you eat. You have to work really hard to think beyond the cravings to what is causing the cravings. If you’re rolling your eyes reading this and saying no, I just need to find a diet that works…you need to email me:)

If you answered mostly B’s: You have “A Monday Dieter Eating Intelligence.” Yes, I take credit for this and named it after myself. Because I believe this is where I fall. I am aware that all overeating is caused by emotions. My weight has been fluctuating less and less as I get hold of my emotional triggers. I work very hard to recognize emotional eating in my life. Because of that I am able to pass up on food when I know I don’t want it. But because I am an emotional eater it is still an everyday struggle and I have to work really hard to talk to myself and know myself. Do I really want a cupcake? Or do I need a cupcake to calm my emotions?

If you answered mostly C’s: You have “A High Eating Intelligence.” Congrats! You’re not an emotional eater (in my eyes). You probably haven’t had a hard time losing weight. Maybe you struggle with something else but it seems like you don’t emotionally eat as much as others and that’s fabulous! I look up to you.

Eating Intellegence

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