Blog Post: My side hustle

This past week I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Carla Marie and chat on her amazing podcast, Side Hustlers. In her own words, the podcast is about “stories of people who are crushing the game of life.” She talks to people who do their regular job and still follow their passion. And she talks to people who turned their side hustle into their regular job too.

Monday Dieter, is obviously, my side hustle. My full time job is as a television producer and Monday Dieter, this blog, is literally my passion project. I say that because, I make no money! (sadly but it’s the truth)

When I stopped to think about that fact that I’ve been writing this for upwards of 3 years, I kind of felt embarrassed when she asked to interview me. Am I getting anywhere? Is this worth it? Am I wasting my time? Does anyone care? Do I still care? What’s my end goal? Am I contributing anything to the world or am I white noise? Am I a better person because of this? Why is this my passion? Why do I keep going?

But with all these doubts…I’ve kept going. What’s keeping me going through? I gut feeling I think…

I think we have ALL felt that way about something in our lives. We feel like we’re working SO hard but we don’t think we’re getting anywhere. I think many of us feel that way often with dieting. We’ve been cutting calories, making healthier choices, going to the gym more and yet the scale moves SO slow. We feel like the return on investment isn’t enough to keep going.

When I feel that way it’s up to me to flip the narrative. It’s up to me to evaluate, is this something that feels like work or is this something that is enjoyable? What impact, if tiny, have I made? The truth is, progress is often EXTREMELY slow. But if you are further along then when you started, you are making progress. If you are a better person than when you started, you’re making progress. But also, don’t be afraid to walk away from something. Don’t be afraid to surrender and say, this isn’t working. I am not happy. Only you know, deep down, if you should give up or keep going.

Happy Monday!

Click here to listen to the podcast, Side Hustlers



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