WHY should you eat healthier today?

A couple of my co-workers asked if I would head up a weight loss group in our office. I, of course, said, yes! I believe any time we can take time out of our day to talk out our health and well-being is important. Plus, I too, want their support in my journey. Last night as I was getting ready for our first meeting, I thought to myself, “WHY?” What is everyone’s WHY? Why do we want to start a diet? A workout routine? A health regimen? Is it really just to see the number on the scale go down or is it deeper? I believe it’s always deeper. We just have to dig.

It’s easier to choose an apple over a cookie when we have a rational reason for our choices. I’m more inclined to choose a salad when I remind myself of my “why.”

If your why is simply cosmetic that’s ok, but take it one step further if you can.

I’ve learned that my WHY is because everything in life is a downward spiral. And for me, poor eating is always involved in that downward spiral. Sometimes it’s the cause, sometimes it’s the effect but regardless, it’s always involved. For me, when I am aligne myself  with intentional eating, I’m most in tuned with my emotional health and  I’m better able to control the downward spiral. I know that I cannot change the way people act, but I can always change the way I react.  I’m a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, producer, writer, student, ect when my emotional health is stable. When I have my eating under control my empathy receptors are in tact and I’m able to stop making everything about me. But most importantly, when I remind myself that my “why” isn’t just because of the number on the scale it releases the weight of dieting which often puts the brakes on emotional eating.

So determine your why…write it down, remember it, live it. Why take the time to do that today? Because you’re worth it!

Happy Monday <3




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