Write for Monday Dieter!

I whole heartily welcome writing contributions. I believe if you write for me, you write for you. The more honest and vulnerable you can be about your struggles and victories the more we can build this community.


The emotional side of eating/health is the bread and butter of me. This entire blog was build in an attempt to help us all love ourselves; the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore I’d love to read personal stories about your health journey; advice from you to others through your own experiences, favorite food, game-changing recipes, fitness finds, inner beauty revelations, weight loss advice, emotional eating truths, body image moment of truths, stories about how you’ve come to terms with your body, sharing of a personal struggle you are currently experiencing and anything and everything that has to do with nutrition.


  • Personal stories: Try to maintain a story that highlights one time in your life (ie: pregnancy weight gain/loss); in your writing take us inside your thought process and take the readers through your “a ha” moment— help us see how your personal experience can inspire us.
  • Transformation Stories: Show us what you did to transform your health. Be specific! Tell us what you ate, drink and how you exercised. But more importantly, tell us the moment you knew you had to make a chance. What was the catalyst for your journey. And through your physical transformation help us understand the emotional lessons you learned about yourself. Please include a before and after photo for additional motivation.
  • You want to try something so we don’t have to: There are a million and 1 ways to get our body and mind healthy. Are you trying something new that you want to share with us? (ie: you finally joined Weight Watchers or you finally tried your first yoga class) If you want us to be apart of your journey we’d love to take your journey with you. Trying something new is hard, seeing you trying it first may be the push we  need.
  • A product you love so much you want to shout it from the rooftops: Provide specifics. What is it? Where do you buy it? How much does it cost? And most important, why do you have such an emotional connection to this product and why do I need to run to the store and buy it?

Remember: Positive energy only! When it comes to opening up and being vulnerable through writing, there is never judgement. This is a safe place. This way we can help each other advance and feel inspired!

To submit, email me at mondaydieter@gmail.com

  • You can send me the full, completed post
  • Or send me an idea you have for a post

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