Who is Monday Dieter?

319875_843434733139_1202586740_n (1)My name is Nicole.  And I am a Monday Dieter….(HIII NICOLE). I have averaged that in my lifetime I have started and failed at 1,040 Monday diets.  And like most women, I have spent the majority of my life battling my scale, my mirror and most importantly my mind. The mind that convinces me that week after week I need to start a Monday diet.If you have ever said these words to yourself or a friend, “I will start my diet tomorrow”  I hope this blog becomes a place of peace for you. Because it all comes down to this….The Monday Diet. The unrealistic expectation, the fairy tale of weight loss that our problems will melt away with the pounds. The truth, being happy & being healthy is a journey that stems far beyond that number on the scale.

I am a 30 year old television producer living in New York City. And like most young professionals in New York City…I am powered by Starbucks.For the past two years I have researched & reflected on WHY I ate what I ate when I ate it (with the help of two amazing nutrition and eating disorder professionals in which I am happy to share their contact info privately). And let me tell you….its magical when you peel back those layers. In addition, I have researched many diets, their premises,  their promises and & their results. In my latest venture I am off to grad school to get my masters in nutrition.

It comes down to this,  figuring out WHY we are eating beyond hunger.

And I hope to provide tips and tricks to help you and myself continue to break free, to become normal. To be the person you have always envied who can eat an office cupcake and not think twice about in. You can eat a cupcake! SAY THAT OUT LOUD: I can have a cupcake!!  And although freedom doesn’t mean you can have a nightly chip binge, it means you find the places to save some calories and the places to splurge on some and you slowly slip closer to your goal weight, closer to your skinny jeans and closer to ending dieting forever.

Let’s end Monday Dieting & Dieting….FOREVER